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Located in NW Missouri, Bristle Ridge Whitetails LLC is owned and operated by Shaun Wiederholt, Josh McMillen, and good friend, Drew Byergo.  Being first cousins and growing up within 10 minutes of each other, Shaun and Josh spent their weekends chasing eastern gobblers and whitetail bucks on the family farming operation.  Ever since they could reach the gas pedal in the old farm truck, they have been at it together.  In 2011, Shaun and Josh opened Bristle Ridge Whitetails with every intention of making it a premiere hunting hotspot in the Midwest.  

Shaun Wiederholt

From northwest Missouri, Shaun grew up on many acres of family owned farm ground. Hunting all began at age twelve when Shaun's dad dropped him off on the old railroad tracks at 6 a.m. one morning. By 7:30, Shaun was calling him back to tell him he had killed his first buck! Ever since that day he has been hooked.

Shaun is currently working as a full-time firefighter in Maryville, Missouri. During the month of April he enjoys chasing the long beards. When June and July rolls around, he shifts gears and prepares himself for some big MO whitetails. It’s a true blessing to get to enjoy the outdoors for Shaun. When he is not in the woods or putting out fires, he is tractor pulling, helping on the farm, or relaxing with family and friends.

Josh McMillen
Drew Byergo

Born and raised in NW Missouri, Josh was introduced to the sport of hunting by his father, and two older brothers.   Though he started with a rifle in hand, Josh also developed a passion for bow hunting.  The Fall whitetail season was a much anticipated event every year for Josh and his entire family.


As Josh became a more experienced hunter, it became more than just a few trips out to the woods every Fall.  He began filming his hunts and working part-time in the outfitting business, learning the trade and making  professional relationships along the way.


Josh is employed full-time as a police officer in NW Missouri.  When he is not serving and protecting his community, he is focused on the year round land management required to grow and hold mature whitetail bucks.  Josh looks forward to passing on his passion for hunting to his twin boys Carson and Dawson.


Josh has experienced the almost indescribable feeling of sheer exhiliaration one gets when bagging a trophy whitetail buck, and is passionate about helping others get the chance to experience that same feeling, which is the goal of Bristle Ridge Whitetails.   



Our goals

The crew at Bristle Ridge is determined to offer some of the best self/semi guided whitetail hunts in the Midwest.  They strive for the best land and game management on all their properties and work strenuously throughout the year to provide the key essentials to maintaining healthy free ranging whitetails.  Bristle Ridge Whitetails LLC offers limited archery hunts each year to ensure absolute minimal pressure on each property.  They pride themselves on offering hunts to those experienced hunters looking for a legendary Midwest whitetail hunt, but don’t want to be told when and which stands they can or can’t hunt at any random time.  Our crew wants you to hunt at your pace and whichever stand you want to hunt.  We are the next generation of outfitters!

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