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Northwest Missouri

Bristle ridge whitetails


our story

Located in NW Missouri, Bristle Ridge Whitetails LLC is owned and operated by Shaun Wiederholt, Josh McMillen, and good friend, Drew Byergo.  Being first cousins and growing up within 10 minutes of each other, Shaun and Josh spent their weekends chasing eastern gobblers and whitetail bucks on the family farming operation.  Ever since they could reach the gas pedal in the old farm truck, they have been at it together.  In 2011, Shaun and Josh opened Bristle Ridge Whitetails with every intention of making it a premiere hunting hotspot in the Midwest.  


Bristle Ridge Whitetails offers self guided whitetail hunts in NW Missouri. These hunts are for experienced hunters who enjoy hunting on their own, scouting properties, and making decisions in the field.  After many seasons and contacts with out-of-state hunters, we found that most experienced hunters looking for out of state whitetail hunts in the Midwest are not wanting a fully-guided hunt. They want to hunt how they like to hunt and at their own pace! They do not want to be told where to sit for 5-days even tho they are not seeing deer. They want low pressured private properties with excellent habitat for whitetails. This is what we strive for, providing affordable hunts on quality top notch managed properties with minimal pressure. Hunts are on a limited basis each year to assure each hunter is hunting on a fresh farm without pressure being an issue.

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